Why do we give?
Our giving philosophy at Heaton Christian Church is built upon the simple premise that we are most like God when we give. John 3:16 reminds us that 

“…God so loved the world that He GAVE His only begotten Son…”

There are 3 simple but profound Life Lessons that we learn from John 3:16 about True Biblical Generosity:

  • It is always motivated by love not law – God loved so He gave
  • It reveals our priorities and the things we value most – He loved the WORLD
  • It is measured not by what we give, but by what we keep for ourselves. God held nothing back. He gave His very best; His only begotten Son


Secondly, we believe that generosity toward God within the context of the local church is a Kingdom minded disposition. This means we understand as believers, that God has given us stewardship over, not ownership of, the financial and material resources entrusted to us for the purpose of advancing His Kingdom agenda in the Earth.

It is our goal at Heaton Christian Church to empower every member to be a faithful steward by following the timeless principles of giving we find in God’s Word.
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